Man Crush Monday: Labor Day Edition (12/25) - Ryan Kelley

Malia’s beanie appreciation post :)

"Grab the bar, sir"
— Jordan polite-even-in-the-most-stressful-situations Parrish (via melissamccall-stilinski)


Teen Wolf Season 4 Finale Promo (1080p HD)


Teen Wolf Season 4 Finale Sneak Peek (1080p HD)

"I’ve got nothing left."
— Chris Argent RIPPING ME TO SHREADS (via martinskki)


let’s play a game called “how many people can i ship deputy jordan parrish with” 

did you guess ALL THE PEOPLE because if you guessed ALL THE PEOPLE you would be correct my friend congratulations you win


Liam reacting to the Berzerkers like an actual teenager is the most grounded Teen Wolf has been in some time.